Monday, 8 November 2010

Odyssey Hyperbole

Odyssey Hyperbole

We exploded out of the strobe-lit cavern, into the fresh air. We stumbled to find our equilibrium we locked arms around each other in cheer. Aaron temporarily glanced back to the mouth of sin, from which we had emerged. He saw the doors creak as the shut and the smoke dissipate into the world. I sighed deeply as I knew the night was over, the music had long been silenced and the faces we met that night evaporated from memory. But we still had the best part of the evening to look forward to. The long walk through heaven.

I inhaled deeply, the noxious fumes of the evening that had clung to my soul were being slowly dissolved by the pure air that cleansed us both. With hazy vision we began to wander down the path to our salvation. The sole sound was the soles of our trim dress shoes clicking off of the cobbled walkway. It was as if the armies of the world marched in toe with us.

The stones on which we walked had been worn to a shimmer by the shoes of the many pilgrims who had walked this path before us. Gazing out down the seemingly endless road ahead, the thousands of stones shone out in the night. It was as if we walked upon the Milky way, taking billions of miles with each foot fall. The lights that hung above our heads lit up the way like searing Suns. Each one bathing us in its amber embrace until one of its brothers took over and guided us a few more steps.

The cool wind of the early morning caressed our faces. I felt her delicate fingers run through my hair and I felt her lips touch every part of my face. The wind put her hand down the opening of my shirt and blew out all of the sweaty bile from the night into the abyss that surrounded us. I felt reborn, I had once again died in that place only to be bore to the world anew, with no worries that the curse of adulthood brought. My only concern was to enjoy the walk.

Aaron looked around, allowing his blurred vision to pierce the pitch vacuum of space. His vision intermingled with colours like a mighty nebula. He could make out the figures of the old ones in the distance. Beings, Titans that had been in this place long before us, and would remain long after we, as dust were carried away by the wind herself. Each giant warranted more marvel than the last. As we stumbled arm in arm, under the powerful countenance of each giant, we Aaron took stock of their greatness. One Titan held in his hands nothing but water and in the other a stone. With these tools he was able to provide endless information on any subject. We passed the mighty black horse shortly after. Legend had it that if you were to capture the horse, he would provide you with endless wealth, which would appear to bleed from the walls. The final colossus that Aaron saw before his vision was too impaired, was the strongest of all. A lone female star, who if you provided her with beans would bestow upon the world a limitless supply of energy. We kept our heads low and hushed our voices out of respect for the slumbering colossi.

As we blissfully marched on, the stars began to become sparse and the Universe faded from our feet. We approached our destination in quiet humility, the milky way faded, the wind left my breast and the Suns above were replaced by the chalky hew of the morning blue sky. The journey was nearing its end. Many had set out on the same journey but we were the last survivors, we would be permitted to leave this place. The walls of  the place echoed with the lamentation of the many who came before us, and had failed. But even their cries were hushed, when two of the strongest marched up defiantly, shaking off heavy chains that had bound us to Windsor that night. Proud we shook the very earth with our stride, fire erupted from our bellies and strength resounded in our being.

Suddenly from the shadows lurched a figure. His back was bent, his hands and face twitched spasmodically. He seemed to not know where he was. The charcoal holes of his eyes, met with the chipped ice of ours. Purpose seemed to shoot through his body. His crippled body jerkily almost ran towards us. As he approached us we could see that he was one of the unfortunate souls lost. Doomed to wander this place until the salvation of day came. There was nothing we could do for this bent and broken figure, he pathetically meandered closer. Until we could see his blood shot eyes and the wild confusion in his face.

We stood facing each other, ready for our final test. We would not be denied our passage by anyone. Croakily he raised his head and muttered something to us.
Aaron and I set our faces like stone, the adrenaline roared through our minds. Hearts pumping hard, our veins pumped blood and fury throughout our being. If he sought to halt our leaving, we were ready to fight. I glanced around at the surround vista of dawn. This place would not be standing once we erupted. The stars themselves would shatter like glass under the power of our blows. The morning sky would be torn in half, exposing the very workings of existence. The ground would collapse under the weight of our fury.
We leaned closer as he attempted to speak again.

“You got a spare fag, mate”.

Written by
               Daniel Elmer

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